Frequently asked questions

  • How will it all go?

    You will arrive at the premises (ideally approx. 10 minutes in advance). Before the mission itself, there is a short briefing where you will learn all the necessary information about the VR device and its control, about staying in the virtual space, and about the goals of the game you have chosen. We will equip you with a VR device and you can jump into the action.

    You play barefoot.

  • What is the price of admission?
    • 2 persons: 60 Eur
    • 3 persons: 90 Eur
    • 4 persons: 120 Eur
    • 5 persons: 150 Eur
  • What is the possible number of participants?

    For VR escape rooms, there is a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 participants.

    We emphasize that the experience of participants from our virtual escape rooms is shared, players solve common tasks simultaneously and in one space, both virtual and physical. Team cooperation is also supported by the nature of the tasks that await the players.

    Theoretically, it is possible for 1 player to solve the escape room, but certain parts of the puzzle would be on the limit of being manageable.

  • How long does a VR escape room last?

    The VR experience itself – the VR escape room (VR escape room) normally lasts 1 hour and consists of 3 phases:

    1. Introduction – welcoming participants, putting away unnecessary things, organizational and safety instructions, briefing, presentation of the mission, equipping VR participants with equipment.
    2. VR experience - the VR mission itself/VR escape room solution - usually within 40 minutes
    3. Termination - dismantling/removal of VR devices, conclusion.
  • How can the entrance fee be paid?

    At the moment, it is possible to pay by payment to the account BEFORE completing the appointment and on the spot in cash. We are working on the implementation of other payment methods as well.

  • What exactly is a VR device?

    Headset (VR glasses and headphones), VR controllers (for hands) and VR backpack (with a powerful gaming PC).

  • Can’t I trip over the cables?

    Your PC is in your backpack, so no cables lead anywhere from you. The rucksack itself is highly ergonomically designed, after a few minutes of being in the virtual space you won't notice it, in some VR rooms you move (as if) in a spacesuit, where it looks particularly authentic.

  • What if I wear prescription glasses?

    In principle, you can put them under VR glasses, but it depends on the size and shape of your glasses, whether they will fit you and sit comfortably. Most of the time it is. In general, we recommend contact lenses, in the case of lower diopters you probably won't need glasses at all.

  • What is the risk of motion sickness?

    Each individual is unique, so it cannot be ruled out 100%. However, the entire system is designed and laid out in such a way as to minimize the risk of motion sickness (high-performance PC and VR glasses, you walk naturally in space, you don't teleport, ..., ...). The result is that the feeling of nausea is very rare.

  • How to dress?

    Anyway, the important thing is that you feel comfortable (you will have a backpack on your back).

    You will play barefoot.

  • Is there an age limit?

    From the point of view of content, the individual episodes are built in such a way that even minors can participate in them. If this does not apply to a certain title, it is explicitly stated with it. Regarding the minimum age, this is at the discretion of the parent, generally we have an age limit of 10 years and over.

  • What if we can’t solve the puzzle?

    You choose the difficulty yourself. The scenarios have a built-in help system that you can use. If you get hopelessly "stuck" somewhere, you can turn to the gamemaster (he continuously monitors your entire activity and oversees what is happening in the room). If you do not reach the goal in the specified time (which happens), you can try it next time (the game can be continued even from the last completed stage), or if the time window is free after your game, you can order it and request an extension time.

    If you're still hesitating, read our guide (in Slovak) on how to successfully solve a VR escape room.

  • Can the resolution time be extended?

    If you buy 2 consecutive time blocks, the time to solve the puzzle can be extended.

  • What if we don’t arrive on time?

    Due to the fluidity and feel of the VR experience, it is not possible to "join later" or "try to make it" in a shorter time. In that case, your reservation will be forfeited without the right to a refund, so we recommend planning with a sufficient time reserve.

  • Is a reservation necessary?

    In principle, yes. The time that is not reserved is used for system maintenance and other service activities. If by chance there is a need to act immediately, we definitely recommend at least calling and checking the possibility of participation. Of course, we are happy to see and serve visitors "from the street", but we want to prevent your disappointment from the fact that you will not be able to find us on the premises, or the system will not be in usable condition.

  • What if someone from the team does not speak Slovak?

    The introductory briefing and the introductory mission briefing are also available in English, German, Spanish, French and Russian.

  • Where can I read the complete conditions of participation?

    It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the conditions of participation and reserve the date only if you agree with them.

    Here you can read the complete text of the "Participation Rules" document.

  • We would like to use virtual reality at our event. It is possible?

    Of course. You can get basic information on the website, or contact us directly, we will be happy to prepare an offer according to your needs and ideas.

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